The medusa amulet by Robert Masello

The latest review on Booklister , begins with an apparent episode of witchcraft or hallucinogenic apparition, leading into modern day Chicago to a familiar opening, a professorial lecture and a curious ambassador. The Medusa Amulet Taking in Chicago and France and a sinister Chateaux in the Loire valley, Author Robert Masello paints a detailed picture …

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99 Red Balloons a Psychological thriller

99 Red Balloons: A chillingly clever psychological thriller with a stomach-flipping twist

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Digital Fortress, by Dan Brown 

An adventurous professor, a sexy fiancee, a deluded fool and a technical terrorist. Sounds familiar but it’s not Robert 

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Stephen King’s IT a chilling start to a favourite genre

iT I was 16 when i first read this Stephen King classic,  on a flight to Gibraltar from Luton with my fellow essex Cadets, ATC to be exact. Stephen Kings chilling first chapter had me gripped, from the first what was the mysterious Pennywise, a group of friends would take IT on twice, would they succeed the …

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Charles Brokaw’s the Lucifer Code 

Charles Brokaw I read this book first so have to admit to reading things out of order, however The Lucifer Code stands alone in it’s own right. The follow up to The Atlantis code is a gritty fast paced novel with steamy sex scenes, and danger at every turn, oh and the overriding question, Whose …

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Hard Times by Charles Dickens 

Through the Smog that Dickens slowly clears To say hard times was hard going at first was an understatement. Whether it was Mr Bachelor’s characterization or what, I cannot say but it felt like I was wading thru treacle, in a thick London Smog. Eventually the plot clears up but your left half expecting young …

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On the Edge by Richard Hammond 

Richard Hammond Richards honesty took me thru all the emotions known to man, he made me laugh and even changed my opinion of one of the most polarizing men on British Television. As I think most boys did, Richard details his love of stunts. When they could ride a bike assembling bigger and bigger jumps to …

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Tornado Down by John Peters and John Nichol 

Tornado Down is the very factual biography of Pilot John Peters and Navigator John Nicols however I

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Dan Brown The Da Vinci code 

Again thru i listened to the Da Vinci Code afterwards I watched the film and although I enjoyed them both I do not understand why the movie has such changes to the plot. The Da Vinci Code for those of you who’ve not read the book centres on the age old fight between the …

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Stephen Fry narrates the canon of Sherlock Holmes is the home of some of brilliant narration but this is my benchmark and favourite The definitive Sherlock Holmes. Stephen Fry is amazing with his vocal characterisation of the stars of the Canon of Sherlock Holmes. I cannot recommend this copy of the canonical Holmes highly enough. Fry managed to re ignite my fandom …

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