Digital Fortress, by Dan Brown 

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown


A familiar start from Dan Brown

An adventurous professor, a sexy fiancee, a deluded fool and a technical terrorist. Sounds familiar but it’s not Robert Langdon, it’s Dan Brown’s first novel Digital Fortress.

An apparent conspiracy theorist novel. Questioning the motives of the powerful secretive agency, the usa’s Nsa and the all powerful code breaking Translator.

Who guards the Guards

The key question “who guards the guards?”

À brilliant computer genius stuck inside the Nsa headquarters at Fort mead. An unwilling agent in Seville with a sinister assassin on his heels.

Who is the overriding power pulling the strings?


Another mix of the mind working out the steps with the physicality of an Indiana Jones type treasure hunt. But this time the treasure is saving the entire Usa classified information network.

A sinister disgruntled employee turns cyber terrorist. But he’s dead!

A second key

Digital Fortress can render translator and it’s creator obsolete.

A brilliant read, with obvious similarities to his more well known hero.  David Becker is Digital Fortress’ Robert Langdon, and Susan Fletcher is Sophie.

The comparisons between this and Robert Langdon series of books is obvious as I state in the opening, the field agent is a professor.

The chapters in this book are quick and so is the pace. I listened to the narrative via Kobo’s new audio book adaptation, and what Brown does,  in both books I’ve read so far, so well, is take the reader/listener along with the characters. I found myself working things out, almost alongside Becker and Fletcher, as I did with prof Langdon in the more famous novel.

The brilliant twists and unexpected smoke screens in this Novel are very quick and great in number, you think you know where it’s going and suddenly it takes an unexpected turn.

All Digital Fortress has done is reinforce my new found fandom of Dan Brown and his style.

I will be reading more and reviewing more books so join me and review your own reading material whether fiction or non.


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