99 Red Balloons a Psychological thriller

99 Red Balloons: A chillingly clever psychological thriller with a stomach-flipping twist

by Elisabeth Carpenter

99 Red Balloons

Spine chilling psychological thriler

Moving on from my previous review Dan Browns Digital Fortress  I offer you this clever Psychological thriller from the pen of Elisabeth Carpenter


99 Red Balloons

I listened to this book via kobo trying to work out the layers upon layers and I have to tell you that I failed.

I failed to see the twists and turns coming but when they do arrive they arrive like a slap around the face, so obvious but so well hidden.

Elisabeth carpenter writes, from a woman’s point of view, not a police officer or a vigilante but a mother, an aunt and a grandmother.

An amazing read, or listen, very much worth working through the layers. I managed to see links but only because of my own background and family links to some of the mentioned areas, Raf Coningsby especially.

When the twists come they come like a waterfall throwing realisation at you in a torrent as so many facts become clear thru the fog.

99 Red Balloons has certainly made me interested in further Elisabeth Carpenter novels.

Covering a lot of Europe and twisting and turning through what is known ground to me, which is how im able to track some of the connections.

The pace of 99 Red Balloons is almost like a cars gearbox spells in 1st 2nd and 3rd but the pace doesn’t hit 5th until the twists are coming at you..

summing up

The overwhelming question your left with is would I. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. It is a roller coaster of a book that has people stationed either side chucking buckets of cold water full in your face. Like a resurgent ice bucket challenge, although one that you’re not expecting.

I have enjoyed this book so much, but it’s difficult to go near the plot for risk of spoilers, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more novels from The brilliant Elisabeth Carpenter who I now follow on Twitter!


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