The medusa amulet by Robert Masello


The Medusa Amulet by Robert Masello

The latest review on Booklister , begins with an apparent episode of witchcraft or hallucinogenic apparition, leading into modern day Chicago to a familiar opening, a professorial lecture and a curious ambassador.

The Medusa Amulet

Taking in Chicago and France and a sinister Chateaux in the Loire valley, Author Robert Masello paints a detailed picture of the scenes in the opening chapters.

The professor has a motive for finding the amulet however it’s personal, and it appears so does the strange old Mr Linz whom i believe may be Cellini.

Also you have the mysterious Mrs Van Owen who appears to have a dark and long past embroils David Franco the Professor in this case, but is she a spider or is she a well intendee influence, offering Franco a lot of money and something money cannot buy.

As this book develops,  mysterious ties in the here and now as well as to the past reveal a dark story.

Intrigue and the obvious questions rise and fall as the chapters go on, is Cellini still alive being a current one!

The overriding question in this book seems to be one of mortality and whether immortality is such a great thing to strive for. The central character Mrs Van Owen appears to be 400 years old.

As the book begins to accelerate and the trail to the artefact seems real, possible links to the Nazis grow with Mussolinis collaboration a well known fact.

It also appears the blossoming of a love liason between our professor and his sidekick may assist or may be a threat in the advancing pages.

Look back on this as it is not yet complete as I follow the twist and turns of the book i shall give a synopsis of each Chapter.

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