Stephen Fry narrates the canon of Sherlock Holmes is the home of some of brilliant narration but this is my benchmark and favourite The definitive Sherlock Holmes.

Stephen Fry is amazing with his vocal characterisation of the stars of the Canon of Sherlock Holmes. I cannot recommend this copy of the canonical Holmes highly enough.

Fry managed to re ignite my fandom of Sherlock Holmes and bought a new depth and also adds a lot of himself into the Forwards for each book.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of those instantly conjourable characters with his pipes and his oddities along side the chronicler and side kick Dr John Watson.

Stephen Fry brings the excitement he has for the great detective over in oodles and I cannot repeat enough that his characterization is amazing from the teenage crook in the Blue Carbunkle to the old ladies some who aren’t ladies at all Holmes, Watson and Lestrade all have instantly recognisable voices and his accents are believable, the Australian and the American are believable authentic.

No matter how many times I listen, this book has never failed to entertain me. The first time you find yourself trying to work it out like any good who Dunnit. The second you see the clues that Holmes sees and there after it’s pure entertainment.

Then I cannot review Sherlock Holmes without mentioning his author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He created one of the most recognisable characters in English literature. His knowledge of London is amazing. Some of his routes, including in the “sign of four” are still followable today.

As far as Sherlock is concerned I can wax lyrical and I have done in several posts on allornothingblog including a “just one place” post detailing the Reichenbach falls in Meirengen Switzerland, but that’s getting me off the point.

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