Dan Brown The Da Vinci code 

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Browns brilliant Novel

Again thru www.Audible.com i listened to the Da Vinci Code afterwards I watched the film and although I enjoyed them both I do not understand why the movie has such changes to the plot.

The Da Vinci Code for those of you who’ve not read the book centres on the age old fight between the Roman Catholic church, and the Priory of Psion who protect a secret that would destroy the church in it’s present state at least.

The 4 top members of the Priory, the Senai sho, have been Slane the last of these leaves a series of clues for his granduaghter to lead her to the holy grail, but it’s not what you expect.

The book has some twists and turns that you’ll not be expecting and if you’ve neither read or seen the movie, see if you can identify the sinister Teacher which I have to say I did.

The book is fantastic, I would describe it as  an intellectual Indiana Jones. Some sinister realism and observations in reality revealed in paintings that really exist. Take a look at the last supper painted by Da Vinci.

Tom Hanks, one of my favourite actors, plays Robert Langdon. Jean Reno as Fasche and some other great actors in lead roles. There are some very unsubtle plot changes. In the book Fasche sends an unnamed agent to fetch Langdon. However in the film it’s his number 2. So as not to spoil the plot I shall not detail it. but at the end another big departure comes

I will be down loading Dan Brown’s other Robert Langdon stories.

The Priory of Psion and the wing of the Roman Catholic church involved it is suggested are a reality. I suppose it is possible especially if your mind is open to the suggested twist in the Bible.

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