Tornado Down by John Peters and John Nichol 

Desert Storm

John Peters and John Nicols account of Desert Storm

Tornado Down is the very factual biography of Pilot John Peters and Navigator John Nicols however I warn you to expect no Top Gun heroics as they were shot down.

The book details their mission and being shot down, ejecting to being captured and tortured  and finally being Rescued.

Peters and Nicol

Peters on the left Nichols on the right

Tornado Down

Tornado Down sees captured Peters and Nichols spirit and character in getting thru an ordeal. Seeing them overcome injury and cruel torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Peters was even paraded before the media as part of Sadam’ s propaganda war.

writing style is honest, but easy to read and follow the two writers alternate their experiences at the hands of their captors, detailing the stress positions they were unable to sleep or how the torture would be physical or mental suggesting that the other had broken.

Tornado Down is gruesomely honest in it’s detail from missile lock to the crews eventual liberation and from the accounts I would hope that their torturers faced war crimes trials but that is speculation.

I have a personal connection to this because had I not been injured I have little doubt I would have been in Kuwait as an Raf police recruit and I happen to know that a lot of my training flight went out to the first Desert Storm 

This book scores highly in my personal opinion. The honesty and the pace of the book is easy to follow. The Brutal descriptions leave little to the imagination.

I cannot help but recommend Tornado Down. Especially to all potential front line troops and pilots and those who fancy themselves as special forces. It gives you an idea of what you may go thru if you’re captured.

I have kept my opinion out of this and kept to the facts. However I invite debate, but not on Blair and the second campaign

Click on the link below to read of their time in captivity

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