On the Edge by Richard Hammond 

Richard Hammond

Richards honesty took me thru all the emotions known to man, he made me laugh and even changed my opinion of one of the most polarizing men on British Television.

As I think most boys did, Richard details his love of stunts. When they could ride a bike assembling bigger and bigger jumps to get the thrill from all the way up to his now notorious crash.

Hamsters writing style is honest and detailed enough to keep you engaged. But not too detailed to slow the pace of the book.

The Top Gear crew

One of the biggest things that came over was the sense of Top Gear being a family. That Jeremy, James and Richard and the crew were more than colleagues. Richards description thru his wife of Jeremy’s vigil with them at Richards hospital bed softened Jeremy. Who I find a great pity they are no longer on Top Gear but then the BBC had little choice.

In time, I shall, inspired by Richard, read Jeremy’s book also Probably more of Richard’s too.  His humour comes through in gallons in the book.

I’m left thinking there are very few inspirational people. Christopher Reeve was one who battled with the spirit of his character superman and Richard is another whose determination  comes thru in this book. Richard was not going to die, and returning to Top Gear after such a horrendous accident and injury was in my opinion one of the Bravest acts I’ve ever known.

I’ve already said that he was just a lucky kid  and Richard acknowledges it too. Local Radio was Richards first stroke of luck. (who can forget Top Gear taking over the travel news around as I recall Southampton) Then on to one of the most successful BBC shows ever.

Top Gear always saw me thinking

  • James May…..techie
  • Jeremy Clarkson…….Power
  • Richard Hammond…….you and I

Click on the link below to purchase Richard Heart rending story.

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