Hard Times by Charles Dickens 

Hard Times

Charles Dickens’ Hard Times

Through the Smog that Dickens slowly clears

To say hard times was hard going at first was an understatement. Whether it was Mr Bachelor’s characterization or what, I cannot say but it felt like I was wading thru treacle, in a thick London Smog.

Eventually the plot clears up but your left half expecting young Cecelia’s father to reappear. It also leaves one of the main characters an unexplained liar.

The story covers Tom and Louisa who’s strict binary upbringing takes them in different directions socially rather than physically.

The layers in the story are cleverly interwoven, this is Dickens after all, but as I say I don’t like the way some lines are left unexplained.


Again it’s one I “read” via Audible.co.uk but it certainly is difficult going. At first however the fog lifts eventually as the main plot line emerges a robbery at the bank at which young Tom works.

It’s not a spoiler to say the main suspect has been set up.

Knowing that Dickens drew his books from the London of his time, the class system comes over very clearly and how the upper classes wielded power over the land and people within their land.

Although this is not set in London but Coke town. London’s power is there with an mp and Stephen Blackpool’s fall from grace. The introduction of key characters throughout the plot do as I say leave some questions. But then life is uncertain so maybe that was Dicken’s intent.

Knowing so little about Charles Dickens, books at least. We’ve all seen Oliver twist on Television I am left feeling that as my first soiree was an unfortunate mistake. I nearly pressed the stop button on my app. I do however have to say I am glad I did persevere with the story and it’s many layers.

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