Charles Brokaw’s the Lucifer Code 

Lucifer code

Charles brokaw follow up to the Atlantis code

Charles Brokaw

I read this book first so have to admit to reading things out of order, however The Lucifer Code stands alone in it’s own right.

The follow up to The Atlantis code is a gritty fast paced novel with steamy sex scenes, and danger at every turn, oh and the overriding question,

  • Whose form has Lucifer taken

The book like it’s better known equivalent the Da Vinci code is a treasure hunt of sorts and pitching Thomas Lourds and some tough allies against secret orders and we’ll equipped enemies seeking to find the scrolls which will unleash doomsday and could be described as a modern day more intellectual Indiana Jones 

Thomas Lourds

I read this book a while ago but the plot stats with me and as I said it encouraged me to read the preceding book the Atlantis code, Thomas Lourds survives the first to be chased and have attempts on his life in the gorgeous follow up.

Brokaw’s style is quick, fast paced reading. Wìth chapters of varying length but simple to read and would be a great read for adults and teenagers alike.

I will be looking up the further titles in the Thomas Lourds series

  • The temple mount code
  • The Oracle code

In the hope that they will be as enjoyable as the first 2. However it was The Lucifer Code which attracted me to Charles Brokaw’s writing.

Had Dan Brown’s books not already made it I have little doubt that Hollywood would have come to Brokaw’s door. Unfortunately they haven’t as the special effects I have little doubt would have been awesome.

I have always enjoyed the Treasure hunt genre. Brokaw’s gritty writing and descriptive style leaves a vivid picture of the characters and the locations in your mind.

So go out and enjoy The Lucifer Code 

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