Stephen King’s IT a chilling start to a favourite genre


The chilling Novel By stephen king that turmed me into a fan


I was 16 when i first read this Stephen King classic,  on a flight to Gibraltar from Luton with my fellow essex Cadets, ATC to be exact.

Stephen Kings chilling first chapter had me gripped, from the first what was the mysterious Pennywise, a group of friends would take IT on twice, would they succeed the second time, where they did not the first.


Having recently re read this, well listened i should say, again thru

I was once again gripped, and loved the book again. We can only hope that the new movie doesn’t do what the first did and equally the movie of the Tommyknockers did and completely change the ending. The magic of IT is its ability for a grown adult to be a child again, and realise you can, as an adult conquer your fear and also to see the world as a kid again, Try imagining what you would do, if you were in the teenage kids position all of whom have seen pennywise and survived.

I know my reviews are simple on this site, 


For the ordinary Reader like you and I, I try to keep things simple and direct and,  IT is a genius book from the pen of

  • Carrie,
  • Cujo,
  • The tommyknockers,
  • Christine and Pet Cemetary 

The last of which i have not read but seen at the movies, a late night viewing too. But this is not just a review of IT, but of the brilliance of Mr Stephen King. His many books have fuelled a fandom of a genre that some would call thriller and others Horror. 

Stephen King is, in this readers opinion at least, the best of his genre. Concentrating most of his writing around his home town of Maine in the North East of the USA.

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